Track 7 California Dreamin’ & Motherland

California Dreamin’

This is a Double Milkshake IPA with oranges, vanilla, and orange blossom honey from Track 7 Brewing. I hadn’t actually had a legit Milkshake IPA yet, so I was very skeptical. California Dreamin’ tasted exactly as I hoped. The vanilla played perfectly with the huge orange flavor. The honey balanced the hop bitterness. This was like drinking an orange creamsicle bar in beer form. Obviously I can’t tell you how it compares to other Milkshake IPAs, like the ones made by Tired Hands, but it’s hard to believe they’re much better than this.


This Triple IPA from Track 7 is a beast of an IPA. At 10.6% and 105 IBU Motherland is packed full of piney bitterness. I’ve likened Sierra Nevada Torpedo to drinking a Christmas tree with it’s big piney hops. Motherland is more like drinking pine sap. This is everything a Triple IPA should be. It’s challenging, and not something I want to drink everyday, but it was a tasty treat.

Motherland Triple IPA


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