Beer Camp

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company took on a hugely ambitious project this Summer with their Beer Camp Across America tour and variety 12 pack collaboration. The beer was amazing and they pulled off their 7 city cross-country tour. It’s been a few weeks since they wrapped that up the tour and the 12 packs are all…


Hop Harvest

We harvested some of our hops last weekend. We’re growing four Cascade hop plants that we planted in 2012. It might be a bit early for harvest but we wanted to break it up over a few weekends so we figured we should get started. We cut down the top half of two of the…


Baseball National Holiday

The White House just responded to the We the People petition to make opening day of baseball season a national holiday: For more than a century, American presidents have celebrated baseball’s Opening Day — from President William Taft’s 1910 first pitch from the stands, to President Obama toeing the rubber at Nationals Park in 2010.…


Sierra Nevada Beer Geek Tour

Stephanie, her dad Bill, and I took Sierra Nevada’s Beer Geek Tour on Friday. Here’s how they describe this tour: Saddle up for an intimate, 3-hour tour into the depths of what makes Sierra Nevada tick. Really, this is leave-a-trail-of-bread-crumbs detailed, so we’re keeping groups small (5 new best friends for you!) and the experience…


“Awicious” aka Delicious Beer Food

I have recently embarked on a beer nerd adventure, a rather sedate adventure, but it’s exciting to me. I am creating a “beer education binder” for my fellow bartenders at work. Perhaps adventure is the wrong word. This process has been fun and thus far rewarding for me. The binder includes “one sheets” on each…


Beer Photos

I submitted the following photos to the A Good Beer Blog photo contest: They’re certainly not masterpieces, and all but the last one were taken with my iPhone, but we’ll see how they do. I resisted submitting this amazing piece of art: