Beer Selfie Giveaways

Keep an eye on and starting this week. There will be the first of a few awesome beer related giveaways!



We recently went live with the website. It will have select photos from the Beer Selfie Instagram and other beer related features and information. Check it out and let us know what you think! We also added a Beer Selfie Tumblr that will have all the photos from the Beer Selfie Instagram going forward.


Featured Beer Selfie: thebeerwench

Her #beerselfie game is strong and @thebeerwench has the beer knowledge to match! Check out the link in her profile to get her fantastic book. It is great study material for the @cicerone and a fun read. @greenflashbeer @greenflashley #craftbeer #beer #greenflash #featuredbeerselfie A photo posted by Beer Selfie (@beerselfie) on Jul 17, 2016 at…

Tavour shipment

You’ve Got Beer Mail With Tavour

Tavour is not a beer of the month club. They’re not a standard online retailer either. They have a unique model that works great with their product. You can create an account for free. Then you get a daily email detailing their latest craft beer release. The beer descriptions are detailed and usually include scores from…

El Sully vs. Beerito

Beer Battle: Craft Mexican Style Lagers

This is our first take on what we plan to be a regular feature. We are pitting two similar beers against each other in a Beer Battle. We will rate two beers at a time and pick a winner, or since there are two of us it could end in a tie. The pairs will have…


Craft Breweries on Twitter

I’m interested in beer and social media, so I took a look at where these worlds intersect on Twitter. Many of the 4,000+ craft breweries in the United States have a social media presence, but the size of that presence varies widely. I rounded up 100+ breweries and their current Twitter follower counts. I was loose with…


21st Annual Soroptimist Chico Brewfest

For the tenth time I was a volunteer at the annual Bidwell Rancho Soroptimist Chico Brewfest this Saturday. I had a great time pouring beer and chatting with people at this fun event. There tend to be two types of beer festivals: those run by breweries or beer geeks that focus on unique breweries and beers,…