Jagged Mountain Peach Cobbler Imperial Peach Amber Ale

GABF Day 0 Recap

Yesterday I drove to Sacramento then flew to Denver, Colorado to attend the Great American Beer Festival. I’m attending the Thursday, Friday, and the earlier Saturday session. Saturday evening I’m heading to Tavour‘s Bottle Fest VIP at First Draft Saturday night. After arriving in Denver and taking the train/bus to my hotel I noticed CO-Brew…

Apricots are ready to pick.

Harvest Apricot Pale Ale

Last year I experimented with three small batches of Backyard Harvest Pale Ale: one with peaches, one with apricots and one with jalapeños. The apricot batch turned out the best, so this year I’m doing a 5 gallon batch of Apricot Pale Ale. We grew the apricots and all the hops for this batch. The recipe is…


Craft Beer in Chico

My hometown of Chico, California is a weird place when it comes to beer. Chico is world famous for being home to craft beer pioneers Sierra Nevada, but for years that’s all it had going for it when it came to beer. There weren’t really any other breweries in town (we’re still struggling on this…


Craftin California Shirt Giveaway

Beer Selfie is teaming up with Craftin California to give away two awesome shirts! Just mention two friends on the photo above for your chance to win. @beerselfie has teamed up with @craftin_ca to give away two of their awesome shirts! To enter this giveaway: 1. Follow @beerselfie and @craftin_ca 2. Tag at least 2…


The Ultimate Beer Cap Map

The Beer Selfie Beer Cap Map Giveaway got me thinking about what the ultimate beer cap map would be. What would be the finest collection of beer caps from across the contiguous US? I turned to Beer Graphs and their BAR rating for some help. Beers Above Replacement (BAR) Beers Above Replacement is BeerGraphs’ proprietary…


Beer Cap Map Giveaway

Beer Selfie is teaming up with Beer Cap Maps to give away one of these fantastic wooden USA beer cap maps and a standoff wall hanger! Just mention two friends on the photo below for your chance to win. To thank our wonderful followers we’ve teamed up with @beercapmaps to give away one of their awesome…


Beer Selfie Giveaways

Keep an eye on beerselfie.com and instagram.com/beerselfie starting this week. There will be the first of a few awesome beer related giveaways!