Ask a Brewer: Anderson Valley’s Fal Allen

Having visited Anderson Valley Brewing, I can attest Fal isn’t exaggerating about how cool their 28 acres of brewery, disc golf course, pub, and beer garden are. Stephanie and I stopped at Anderson Valley on our honeymoon and we had a great time getting a buzz on at the pub, then working it off with a round disc golf. Now, if Fal could just get my disc down from the top of that big oak tree I would be really stoked. I also hope to someday make it their acclaimed beer festival.

We changed up a few of the questions from previous editions of Ask a Brewer, and Fal Allen was kind enough to humor us with some responses.

AVB-Fal2What’s special about your brewery?

There are many things that make Anderson Valley brewery a special place. We make unique beers of distinction, we have a beautiful 28 acre estate with a stream running along the back of it, we grow 2 acres our own hops, we have an 18 hole disc golf course, a pub & beer garden – and we have our own language here in Anderson Valley; Boontling.

What’s your least favorite part of the brew day?


What is your favorite part of the brew day?

Tasting – we do tasting every day at 15:30,and we taste every beer at least three times throughout the process – it some of the best quality control

What was the biggest mess you’ve made making a beer?

hmm, well there was the time I removed a clamp from the WRONG side of a valve and sprayed about 40 gallons of carbonated beer everywhere before getting the valve back on. That was messy, and pretty scary

AVB-Fal1What’s your favorite beer festival?

The Boonville Beer Festival – it is a rockin good time. And we are coming up on our 20th anniversary in 2016

Have you shared, or are you willing to share, a homebrew clone recipe for any of your beers?

Yes, howz about our Barney Flats Oatmeal stout: this is to produce 31 gallons (one us barrel) –

37.2 lbs of 2row malt

4.5 lbs of 40 L crystal

4.5 lbs of 80 L crystal

4.5 lbs Munich malt

0.5 lbs roasted barley

5.5 lbs chocolate malt

6. lbs oats

1.2 oz Nugget hops hops (13.2 AA) for 60 minutes

2 oz Norther Brewer hops (6.2 AA) for 30 minutes

English ale yeast (fullers) fermented at about 68 F

avbc-1What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve added to a beer?

XO Durian – yeah without a doubt XO Durian

What was your happiest moment as a brewer?

It happens most days – When I see someone enjoying one of our beers.

Who do you admire most in the craft beer industry?

There are many people to admire for different reasons in the brewing industry. We certainly have a great community with some great people who really care about what they are doing and how it impacts the world, but I think for an all around good guy & great brewer it’s Brian Hunt of Moonlight Brewing

What beer should be served at your funeral?

Lots, just lots and lots of beer

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