Beer Label of the Month: Cerveja Stannis’ Gold Amelia

bottle-gold-ameliaI came across Cerveja Stannis on the fantastic Oh Beautiful Beer blog. Stannis’ labels are all similar, with the great beer name font as the focus. They each have a unique image at the bottom and the stylish brewery log on the bottle neck.

It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all great, and so similar, but I’ll go with Gold Amelia. The golden haired woman at the bottom of the label matches the belgian golden strong ale style.

Stannis’ labels were created by Brazillian designers Firmorama. Check out their projects page; it features the Stannis project as well as some other amazing designs.

I’ve never tried this beer or even seen it in person. They are in Brazil and I don’t know if they export. I found Gold Amelia on Untappd with a 3.5/5 rating. Please post a comment if you’ve had this beer!

One thought on “Beer Label of the Month: Cerveja Stannis’ Gold Amelia

  1. Hey Keith,

    Gold Amelia is my favorite beer in the world and I’m glad your choice of Stannis’s most beautiful label is not as biased as mine, although I’m sorry you haven’t had the chance to have such delight. Amelia is a smooth, sweet and strong beer. You should definitely try it and see it for yourself, though. Pretty sure the guys from Stannis Pub would love to have you over and give you a full tour on their brewery and pubs here in south of Brazil. 🙂

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