Beer Label of the Month: Fountain Square’s Soul Ride

Most of Fountain Square Brewery‘s bottles have a consistent label design with a periodic table symbol, the beer style clearly shown with the same font, and some pleasing artwork. All of them look really nice and it makes for consistent branding, but my favorite of their labels is Soul Ride’s, which diverges from this norm. I guess there isn’t really an appropriate element for a periodic table symbol for Soul Ride, so that was left out. The artwork takes up more space and is more interesting on this label, and the beer style is smaller and integrated with the art. The label depicts a woman in some sort of meditative or yoga pose. The look on her face contradicts the whatever enlightenment she may have set out to obtain. She looks confused and overwhelmed, and is only wearing a strange hat. Maybe she is just shocked that she finally got those chakras aligned just right. Whatever she is up to, the pastel colors, bemused expression, and groovy font are great.


Fountain Square and their distributor and label designer World Class Beer sent me a bit of information on the Soul Ride label and its artist:

fountainsquare worldclassbeer

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