Council Beatitude Tart Saisons

We scored three versions of Council Brewing’s Tart Saison via Tavour, so of course we had to try them all the same night and write some tasting notes…

Council Beatitude Mango Tart Saison – Cloudy, straw colored. Strong Mango aroma and flavor. A bit of vinegar on the finish. Tart. Minimal head.

Council Beatitude Passion Fruit Tart Saison – Less cloudy and lighter colored than the mango. Less fruit forward on aroma and flavor than the mango version. Some fruity sweetness, but still tart. A hint of Saison funk and some earthiness. Minimal head.

Council Beatitude Pineapple Tart Saison – Similar color to the Passion Fruit, a little lighter and a bit cloudier. Odd earthy aroma. Really nice pineapple flavor. Less tart than the other two. Minimal head.

All three of these are excellent sour beers. The Mango had the nicest aroma and the big juicy mango flavor was really nice, but that hint of vinegar in the finish nagged at me. The Passion Fruit was the most tart and the earthiness played well with the hints of Saison funk, but it was the least exciting of the three with its more subtle fruit flavor. The aroma of the Pineapple was the least appealing, and it had the least tartness, but the pineapple flavor was really superb making it my favorite of the three.

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