Great Baby Product: Otoscope

When I previously posted about great baby products I forgot a good one: HARD CASE-Third Generation Dr Mom Slimline Stainless LED Pocket Otoscope + Lighted Ear Wax CURETTES now includes True View Full Spectrum LED and Pocket Clip.

Bear with me here. The first time you bring your kid to the pediatrician because they have an elevated temperature but no other symptoms and they tell you your kid has a raging ear infection you’re going to feel like an asshole. Maybe there are kids out there that make it obvious that they are suffering from an ear infection, but mine isn’t one of them. Maybe she was a little extra fussy. One time she would get upset when we put her in the shower. Usually though there were no obvious symptoms. This led us to taking her to the pediatrician anytime there was the slightest hint of an ear infection symptom to make sure she didn’t need antibiotics. Most of the time they would tell us her ears were fine.

For the price of a couple insurance co-pays you can pick up your own otoscope and check your kids ears at home.


You shouldn’t take medical advice from bloggers, but an otoscope is fairly straight forward to use. You just compare what the inside of your kids ear looks like to the handy chart. I’m sure this otoscope isn’t as durable as what your doctor uses, but you’re going to be using it a lot less often than they are. Store it in the included case and it will hold up just fine. This thing payed for itself about three times over.

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