Last Week’s Beers: Lord Hobo, Track 7, Almanac, and more

This is really two weeks, and it’s packed with great beers. It includes the first few beers from our recent rather large Tavour order.

Almanac Brewer’s Reserve Blueberry Sour – It’s December and this is one of the best beers I’ve had all year. Like top five, no problem. This beer makes me want to buy every Almanac beer I can find. This is a really beautiful sour beer. Via Spikes.


Track 7 Love & Hoppiness in Vermont – I had this at GABF but it kinda blended in with all the other great beers I tried. It’s really nice to sit down with a whole pint of this lovely citrusy brew. Track 7 is killing it. Via New Earth.


WaganupaTried 6 great beers at Waganupa’s new Chico location.

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce IPA – I’m always seeing this beer on Instagram but this Massachusetts brewery doesn’t distribute to California. Tavour to the rescue! It lives up to the hype. Huge and complex hop flavors. Such a great IPA! Via Tavour.


Highland IPA – Very floral and dry. A good beer, but somehow the worst IPA on this list. Via Tavour.


Fort Collins Double Down Gose IPA – Once again I’m surprised by how much I like a hoppy sour beer. I think I’ll stop being surprised now. It seems to really work. “Gose IPA” should be nonsense, but it’s really good. Via Tavour.


Reuben’s Brews Gose – This is one of the best Goses I’ve ever had. Fruity pear and apple, with nice wheat flavor. Crisp and salty. Don’t pass up this great Gose. Via Tavour.


O’so Hop Whoopin’ IPA – In a dead heat with Boom Sauce for best IPA of the week. 95 IBUs of intensely bitter, resinous hops. Via Tavour.


Stone Enjoy by 12.25.16 Unfiltered IPA – Fresh tropical fruit hops. Smooth and drinkable for 90 IBUs.


Modern Times Fortunate Islands w/ Grapefruit Zest – A hoppy wheat beer. Easy drinking, zesty citrus hops.


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