Last Week’s Beers: Sierra Nevada sampler, Track 7, Rueuze, and more

Lots of beers here. Sierra Nevada brewery sampler inflated numbers.

Backyard Harvest Apricot Pale Ale (single hop Cascade) – This is my homebrew I mentioned previously, finally tapped. I’ll do another post soon with tasting notes and recipe.


Bruery Rueuze – So very good. This was what Stephanie picked out for her birthday. Nice tartness, complex flavors, with a nice amount of barrel influence. Via Spikes.


Track 7 Golden Guava IPA – So much guava! This was a nice break from the usual IPAs that have been blending together a bit for me. Via Spikes.


Pizza Port Kook DIPA – One of those usual IPAs mentioned above, but a very good one. Via New Earth.


Track 7 Contact Low – Cloudy with intense hop flavor. They’re calling this a Pale Ale, and claim 30 IBU, but this is very hoppy. Track 7 continues to make some fantastic beer! Via Spikes.


Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal with Currants – Very good. I haven’t had a bad version of Narwhal yet. Barrel aged plus berries can equal cough syrup flavors, and this suffered a bit from that, but not overly so. Boozy.


Sierra Nevada Baltic Joy – Baltic porters are great, and this is a good one.

Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere – Very floral. It’s good, but the overpowering floral hops are bit much.

Sierra Nevada Biere de Garde – Very nice!

Sierra Nevada Celebration – Still one of my all time favorites! This will be a regular for the winter months. Don’t miss it!

Sierra Nevada Single Hop Cascade IPA – I love cascade hops and this beer is good. It has a odd, I think yeasty, finish that seemed out of place but enjoyable.


Lassen Farmhouse Dry Cider – A very nice apple cider. So much better than the usual ciders you see in stores. Via Spikes.


Blue Towers Cabernet Sauvignon and Piccolino Vino Rosso – A couple nice red wines, particularly the Piccolino. Via Bright Cellars.


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