Learn to be a Good Child

A few pages from a Chinese book titled “Learn to be a Good Child”

Page 15

After playing with the duckling, she plays with the doll. “The doll is laughing at me because I’m snotty. I must wipe my nose with a handkerchief at once.”

Pages 42 and 43

Bibi is very fond of playing. He doesn’t go to the toilet when he is very needs it.

He is not ashamed of making water anywhere.

Pages 44 and 45

A little bird follows Bibi’s bad example. As it flies it excretes.

The little bird’s stool falls right on Bibi’s face. He smells it. How stinking it is!

Page 47

The children are pointing to the bird. They say, “Little Bird, Little Bird. Don’t excrete stool and urine anywhere again.”

Page 49

Bibi says to the Little Bird softly, “Let’s not excrete stool and urine anywhere, O.K.”



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