Mraz Pineapple American Sour

This is the only beer I’ve had from Mraz Brewing and I was intrigued. A nearby (El Dorado Hills is about a 2 hour drive) brewery specializing and exceeding at sour beers? Sounded too good to be true.

Mraz has been making their Pineapple American Sour for more than a year but I just recently noticed it in my local bottle shop. I’m bad at fantasy football so I had to ship some beer to Florida to atone for my sins. A sour beer from a Northern California brewery seemed like the perfect way to share some local flavor…and I couldn’t not get one for myself as well.

This beer pours a lovely pineapple flesh colored yellow. The nose was pretty lousy and not an encouraging sign. What little aroma there was didn’t smell very appealing. My first sip put all concerns aside though with it’s brilliant, acidic pineapple flavor. I don’t remember having a beer with such a contrast between the aroma and flavor. Fortunately the vibrant, sour fruit flavor more than made up for the lack of aroma. I’ll definitely be seeking Mraz beers out in the future, and hopefully paying the brewery a visit soon!

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