Owl’s Brew Radlers

Owl’s Brew Radlers are a blend of my two favorite beverages: beer and tea. Each of these four brews is a different combo of beer, tea, and other flavors.

Watermelon is a really nice addition in Wicked Watermelon. All of the fruit and spice flavors are natural and clean tasting.

Wheat beer is the original radler base and it works well here with black tea and spices in The Blondie.

I enjoyed this blend of stout, cocoa nibs, and chai tea in Short and Stout. I didn’t really pick up the pineapple juice and coconut, which were overwhelmed by the chai spices.

So, if you want to thoroughly review a beer it’s important to test the packaging by dropping it on the ground. As you can see I was very thorough with That’s My JAM, and thankfully the can held up. This is my favorite of these four brews. The amber ale mixes well with the Darjeeling tea, and hibiscus cuts the sweetness which is a bit overwhelming with the other three brews.

Overall these beers are a unique and refreshing blend. Each has distinctive flavors that are surprisingly un-muddied when mixed together. They are all refreshing brews that are great for a hot day. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but these just might be excellent served on ice like a summer tea.

I like tea, and beer of course, but I don’t usually like either of them to be this sweet. I drink unsweetened tea, and generally prefer dryer beers. These Owl’s Brew radlers are a bit sweet for my taste, but are probably perfect for anyone who adds a little sugar to their tea. It makes me wonder what these would taste like without the agave though.


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