The Ultimate Beer Cap Map

The Beer Selfie Beer Cap Map Giveaway got me thinking about what the ultimate beer cap map would be. What would be the finest collection of beer caps from across the contiguous US? I turned to Beer Graphs and their BAR rating for some help.

Beers Above Replacement (BAR)

Beers Above Replacement is BeerGraphs’ proprietary measure of a beer’s quality. By indexing a beer to its style, we hope to help lovers of all styles see their favorite beers well-represented. We also try to reward the beers that are most-oft drunk for their popularity.

The beer cap map I’m imagining would start with the best beer, measured by BAR, for each state. Here’s the list:

Alabama Good People’s Snake Handler Double IPA (5.44 BAR)
Arizona Four Peaks’ Pumpkin Porter (7.01 BAR)
Arkansas Fossil Cove’s La Brea Brown (2.48 BAR)
California Russian River’s Pliny the Elder (17.08 BAR)
Colorado Avery’s Tweek Extreme Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged (9.39 BAR)
Connecticut New England’s Gandhi-Bot (12.32 BAR)
Delaware Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA (9.81 BAR)
Florida Cigar City’s Double Barrel Hunahpu (11.22 BAR)
Georgia Terrapin’s Cinnamon Roll’d Wake-n-Bake (6.16 BAR)
Idaho Sockeye’s Dagger Falls IPA (3.79 BAR)
Illinois Goose Island’s Bourbon Country Brand Stout (13.91 BAR)
Indiana Three Floyds’ Zombie Dust (17.42 BAR)
Iowa Toppling Goliath’s pseudo Sue (13.57 BAR)
Kansas Tallgrass’ Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat (4.81 BAR)
Kentucky Country Boy’s Papaw’s Red (4.48 BAR)
Louisiana Parish’s Ghost in the Machine (7.74 BAR)
Maine Maine Beer Company’s Dinner (11.77 BAR)
Maryland Stillwater’s Gose Gone Wild (6.95 BAR)
Massachusetts Tree House’s Julius (13.36 BAR)
Michigan Bell’s Hopslam (14.19 BAR)
Minnesota Surly’s Abrasive (12.11 BAR)
Mississippi Crooken Letter’s Mystery Romp (6.23 BAR)
Missouri Perennial’s Barel Aged Abraxas (11.0 BAR)
Montana Kettlehouse’s Cold Smoke (6.38 BAR)
Nebraska Infusion’s Vanilla Bean Blonde (4.46 BAR)
Nevada Banger’s Morning Joe (5.41 BAR)
New Hampshire Portsmouth’s Kate the Great (6.26 BAR)
New Jersey Carton’s Regular Coffee (9.74 BAR)
New Mexico La Cumbre’s Eelvated IPA (8.58 BAR)
New York Southern Tier’s Pumking (9.77 BAR)
North Carolina NoDa’s Hop, Drop ‘n Roll (8.69 BAR)
North Dakota Laughing Sun’s Feat Like a Sultan IPA (2.5 BAR)
Ohio Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA (9.62 BAR)
Oklahoma COOP Ale Works’ F5 IPA (5.62 BAR)
Oregon Deschutes’ Abyss (9.78 BAR)
Pennsylvania  Tröegs’ Nugget Nectar (10.7 BAR)
Rhode Island Grey Sail’s Captain’s Daughter (6.27 BAR)
South Carolina Westbrook’s Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Mexican Cake (9.3 BAR)
South Dakota Crow Peak’s Mjolnir (4.17 BAR)
Tennessee Yazoo’s Deux Rouges (4.36 BAR)
Texas Lone Pint’s Yellow Rose (8.51 BAR)
Utah Epic’s Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout (5.84 BAR)
Vermont The Alchemist’s Heady Topper (19.32 BAR)
Virginia Hardywood Park Craft’s Bourbon Bingerbread Stout (7.97 BAR)
Washington Fremont’s Cinnamon Coffee Bourbon Abominable (8.87 BAR)
West Virginia Bridge Brew Works’ Longpoint Lager (2.88 BAR)
Wisconsin New Glarus’ Wisconsin Belgian Red (10.51 BAR)
Wyoming Thai Me Up’s Melvin IPA (4.77 BAR)

A few things that struck me making this list:

  • There’s a large difference between some of these state’s best beer. I didn’t intend for this to be a competition between states, but wow, some of these states suck. Vermont came out on top with a 19.32 BAR score for Heady Topper. Arkansas was at the bottom with a 2.48 BAR for Fossil Cove’s La Brea Brown. I’m sure Fossil Cove makes some good beer, but I’m tripping over 2.48 beers here in California. Literally, they’re just all over the ground everywhere I go. I’m not going to move to Arkansas.
  • I was surprised by how many of these beers, and even breweries, I’ve never heard of. Even highly rated ones. Time to start travelling more.
  • A handful of states dominate the leaderboard. The top 25 beers come from 8 states (and Belgium).
  • I realized after I made this list that some of these might not distribute in bottles. I’m not going to look that up. Let me know in a comment if you have a correction.

You should take this list, get in your car, and go on an epic beer cap road trip. Seriously, go now!


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