Beer Camp Submissions

It’s been a couple months since I sent a bunch of submissions to Sierra Nevada‘s latest Beer Camp contest. I’m going to go ahead and assume that I didn’t win. Oh well, maybe next time.

Since Sierra Nevada isn’t going to use all the brilliant beer suggestions everyone sent in I’ll share them here. First are the initial suggestions submitted before I realized how big the response was. These were sent directly to Sierra Nevada on my behalf without me reviewing them. All 66 of them:

Cask Conditioned Watermelon Rauchbier
Whole Cone Salt Hefeweizen
Cask Conditioned Coffee Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Winter Jasmine Dark Wheat Ale
Triple Grapefruit Japanese Rice Lager
Wet Hop Honeysuckle Belgian Pale Ale
Estate Peanut Irish Dry Stout
Smoked Curry Sahti
Fair Trade Tomato Pilsner
Brandy Barrel Aged Cherry Strong Ale
Single Hop Loganberry Pale Lager
Harvest Acai Japanese Rice Lager
Fair Trade Parsley Berliner Weissbier
Estate Loganberry Pale Ale
Triple Caramel Dortmunder
Whole Cone Duku Cream Ale
Anniversary Cranberry Lambic
Dry Hopped Papaya Pilsner
Barrel Aged Blueberry Kölsch
Anniversary Huckleberry Oatmeal Stout
Smoked Chili Pepper English Pale Ale
Anniversary Elderflower English Barleywine
Session Agave Irish Dry Stout
Session Mangosteen Kellerbier
Cask Conditioned Earl Grey Tea Munich Helles Lager
Whole Cone Elderflower Roggenbier
Cask Conditioned Salt Rauchbier
Dry Hopped Kopi Luwak Pale Lager
Cask Conditioned Egg Plant Belgian Pale Ale
Cask Conditioned Thyme Strong Ale
Macadamia Dark Wheat Ale
Bottle Conditioned Nectarine Pale Ale
Wood Aged Earl Grey Tea Oatmeal Stout
Organic Durian Russian Imperial Stout
Zen Pear Vienna Lager
Smoked Strawberry Black Ale
Cask Conditioned Plum Eisbock
Zen Gunpowder Green Tea Export Stout
Harvest Raisin Amber Lager
Vegan Gooseberry Pale Ale
Bottle Conditioned Quandong Flanders Red Ale
Triple Plum Wheatwine
French Oak Barrel Aged Honeysuckle Pale Ale
Collaboration Hemp Scottish Ale
Barrel Aged Jasmine Tea Weizenbock
Lemongrass Pale Ale
Barrel Aged Blackberry Dark Lager
Fall Carob Stout
Triple Mulberry Dortmunder
Wet Hop Watermelon IPA
Wild Hop Persimmon Export Stout
Wet Hop Turmeric Imperial IPA
Single Hop Sage Milk Stout
Organic Tomato Pale Ale
Wine Barrel Aged Dill Belgian IPA
Single Hop Blueberry Munich Dunkel Lager
Anniversary Ginger Flanders Oud Bruin
Wet Hop Rocky Mountain Oyster Imperial Pilsner
Session Hazlenut Stout
Fall English Brown Ale
Harvest Sassafras Eisbock
Spring Elderberry Dark Wheat Ale
Anniversary English Stout
Fall Tamarillo Porter
Zen Peach Witbier
Fair Trade Maple Donut Russian Imperial Stout

Here are some that were submitted, sounded awesome, and were passed on to Sierra Nevada:

Spring Lychee Kristalweizen
Whiskey Barrel Aged Passion Fruit Russian Imperial Stout
Estate Cayenne Munich Dunkel Lager
Session Earl Grey Tea Brown Ale
French Oak Barrel Aged Agave Gueuze
Barrel Aged Loganberry Sahti
Harvest Peach Berliner Weissbier
Estate Grapefruit Faro
Fair Trade Currant Dark Lager
Wood Aged Mango Wild Ale

And some others that sounded less awesome and not passed on:

Spring Marjoram English Barleywine
Wet Hop Orange Belgian Dark Ale
Spring Cucumber English Pale Ale
Bottle Conditioned Agave Belgian Pale Ale
Single Hop Märzen
GMO Free Betel Nut Kellerbier
Bottle Conditioned Watermelon Belgian IPA
Summer Kumquat Blonde Ale
Brandy Barrel Aged Orange Altbier
Spring Nutmeg Pumpkin Ale
Collaboration Honeysuckle Export Stout
Peanut Export Stout
Harvest Raisin Wheatwine
Barrel Aged Vanilla Dark Wheat Ale
Bottle Conditioned Papaya Russian Imperial Stout

And these last ones were submitted after Sierra Nevada responded that they had received my submission and would let me know if I was a winner. I didn’t bother sending them these:

Maple Donut German Pilsener
Fair Trade Bilberry English Brown Ale
Fall Cucumber Kölsch
Whole Cone Papaya Cream Ale
Dry Hopped Lemongrass Cream Ale
Cask Conditioned Blood Orange Scotch Ale
Whiskey Barrel Aged Guava Belgian Dark Ale
Session Citron Amber Ale

If anyone makes any of these please let me know!

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