Beer Label of the Month: La Sirène

La Sirène Brewing is pretty unique with a focus on classic Belgian and French Farmhouse styles ales, based in Melbourne Australia. When I think of Australian beer I foolishly think Foster’s, not “small batches of unfiltered and unpasteurised beer, retaining the greatest amount of flavour and character…our bottled beers are naturally conditioned by refermentation and extended maturation in the bottle.” I’ve never been to Australia or had any Australian craft beer, so I can’t speak to the quality of La Sirène’s brews. Their Saison and Praline Belgian Dark Ale in particular have very high scores on the beer rating sites.

I heard about La Sirène when beer_vs_jack posted this great photo to @beerselfie:


lasirenesaisonMost of La Sirène’s beers have the same label, each with a unique background color. The labels feature La Sirène herself, a beautiful mermaid hanging out on a rock, presumably waiting for lustful sailors to murder. I believe the art work would be considered art deco, but I took “computer assisted art” instead of Art History in college, so don’t take my word for it.

Usually I only feature breweries that bother to respond to my queries about the origins of the their label art. Unfortunately the folks at La Sirène Brewing must have been busy whispering encouraging sonnets to their yeast, and I wasn’t able to track down what artist created their lovely labels. I liked the label so much that I’m using it anyways, but we’re left to speculate about what’s going on down there. Perhaps the label is stolen Nazi art and the brewers have been hiding in Australia since the end of World War 2. Maybe the artist is a member of La Sirène Brewing’s secret cult of poisonous frog worshipers. The artist could have been eaten by one of Australia’s many man eating sharks, and the remaining employees at La Sirène are still too distraught to discuss their fallen coworker. Probably they’re just too busy making delicious beer and can’t be bothered to answer my dumb questions.

Here’s a poll so you can weigh in what’s up with La Sirène:


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