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If you were to take parts of Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, KitLab, a beer of the month club, and a contract brewery you would have something close to Noble Brewer. Sprinkle in a dash of Kickstarter, a pint of homebrewing competition, a pinch of social networking and you might get even closer.


We are the world’s best beerclub and our homebrewers are what make us different. They have dedicated years to their craft, and our goal is to showcase their pursuit and tell their story. To do that we share high quality, single-release beers inspired by our homebrewers’ very best recipes. You won’t find the beers at your favorite bar or bottle shop; in fact, you won’t find them anywhere else.

Claude Burns, the founder and CEO of Noble Brewer, contacted me to give me the scoop on his new company. Noble Brewer is just getting started, having shipped out their first batch a couple weeks ago. The idea is to track down the best homebrewers, give them access to a commercial brewery, and ship what they come up with to subscribers. Claude said initially they’ll pull from BJCP competition award winners, but he recognizes that there are some fantastic beers that don’t meet BJCP style guidelines and are unlikely to win a competition. They’ll branch out from competition medalists based on community demand. Noble Brewer is based in Oakland California, and they have a small retail outlet on site, but they’re focused on online sales via subscription. Claude packaged many of the hundreds of packages from their first batch himself.

Noble Brewer hopes to leverage crowdsourcing with an emphasis on the homebrewers, their passion for making beer, and their aspirations of starting their own craft brewery.

Our website contains member-only content to allow you to learn more about the home brewer’s story, inspiration and professional dreams (aka what to expect when they open their own brewery).

Check out their site, watch the great videos featuring the homebrewers, and if you’re reading this within the next nine days enter to win a year of exclusive craft beer.

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