Beer Label of the Month: Half Acre Big Hugs


Well, alrighty then.


Oh…OK, hmmmm.

So, yeah this week we’re going with Half Acre’s Big Hugs Imperial Stout. The art work is by @Phineas A.K.A. Phineas X. Jones. It would seem he is a rather strange fellow. Half Acre is a small brewery in Chicago. Phineas has done a number of labels for Half Acre and a few for 3 Floyds whom we previously featured for a label by a different artist. All of Phineas’ labels and other art work are awesomely bizarre.

Big Hugs is a seasonal Imperial Stout. It is a collaboration with Dark Matter Coffee, an artisan coffee roaster in Chicago. I’ve never had and this is the description from Half Acre’s website:

This beer is a thug. Big and chock full of tender embrace. 10% ABV.

darkmatterIt currently rates a 93 (Outstanding) on Beer Advocate so it must be pretty good. That label though…wowzers. Big Hugs is a giant cat. You can tell by the name tag it’s wearing. A giant cat that breathes blue-green fire. A giant cat that fights a giant robot cat named Mechahugs. Mechahugs shoots lasers out of its giant robot cat eyes and has flaming jets on its feet. Tokyo seems to be burning in the background as the two giant cats battle. The fonts, the Japanese translations, and the style of the label is reminiscent of an old Godzilla movie poster. None of that has anything to do with beer or Imperial Stout, but I dig it. If you saw that label on a store shelf I don’t see how you could not buy one.


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