What up Cuz?

This morning, after Clayton Kershaw dominated yesterday in the Dodgers win of game 1 of the National League Division Series, I get this email from my Dad:

I don’t know how to give you this news but here goes….you’re related to Clayton Kershaw!!  Oh yeah, and it gets worse…all of our Kansas cousins are rooting for the Dodgers right now because of Kershaw.  Grandpa has a first cousin named Verna that lives in the Salina area near Uncle Mahlon.  Kershaw is her grandson.  He used to go up to visit his Grandma when he was little and Renay and Shelley remember him.


Here was my response:

I’m so conflicted right now. I guess if I have to be related to a Dodger it might as well be the best pitcher in baseball…but that just means he beats up on the Giants all the time. I may need therapy.

If only I had played little league I could be a major league pitcher like my cousin Clayton.


Clayton Kershaw, villainous lefty for the despised Los Angeles Dodgers, is my third cousin. Actually he seems like a nice guy…for a Dodger. My Dad replied with “I think you could take him in a wrestling match.” That’s sweet Dad, but I’d be giving up about 40 pounds so I’m not so sure of that. Just think though, I share genetic material with the best left handed pitcher in baseball. Never mind that I’m 4 inches shorter, eight years older, right-handed, and not really that athletic. I’m sure the latent ability is hiding deep inside my DNA if I can just unlock it. So watch out baseball, Clayton Kershaw’s long lost cousin is coming!

Keith and Clayton

Can you see the family resemblance?

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