Beer Label of the Month: Jester King Buddha’s Brew

Jester King has a whole lineup of great beer labels from artist Josh Cockrell. Jester King is a small brewery in Texas that makes some unique farmhouse brews. They’re small enough that they don’t distribute much outside of Texas. I’ve never had their beer but I heard about them on an episode of The Brewing Network’s Sunday Session. Their most popular labels seem to be from their Metal lineup: Funk Metal, Viking Metal, and Black Metal.
My favorite though is the Buddha’s Brew label. This beer is a collaboration with Buddha’s Brew Kombucha.

Buddha’s Brew is the first Jester King beer to be fermented entirely in oak. We racked unfermented wort directly into oak barrels and inoculated it with souring bacteria. From there, it spent nine months aging in our barrel room before being blended with live Kombucha from Buddha’s Brew at bottling. Like all our beer, it’s unfiltered, unpasteurized & naturally carbonated through re-fermentation in the bottle.

Jester King’s use of local wild yeast and well water makes all of their beers unique but they threw in oak barrels, bacteria, and live kombucha to take this one to another level. The label features a monk who based on the glowing eyes and forehead seems to have reached enlightenment. He is a grizzled and bearded old man with a peaceful look on his face and one creased hand held palm out. I’m guessing those are hops growing behind him. The glowing Buddha’s Brew font works well with the Jester King logo below it.

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