MLB 2013 Postseason Predictions

Now that those silly play-in games and wildcards have wrapped up we are into the real MLB postseason. Let’s go over who I would like to win and how I think it will actually go down. Of course neither will be accurate because the MLB postseason is totally unpredictable. Certainly no one thought the Giants would win in 2010 and 2012

Who I Want to Win

Braves over Dodgers
Pirates over Cardinals

The Braves are distasteful team what with their recent enforcement of stupid unwritten rules and that horrible chant, but…#beatla. Always #beatla.

How can you not root for the Pirates. This is their first winning season since Black Bart played first base. Besides, I still haven’t forgiven Matt Holliday for hurting Marco Scutaro.

MLB: OCT 15 NLCS - Game 2 - Cardinals at Giants

Rays over Red Sox
A’s over Tigers

I prefer the budget minded Rays over perennial contender Red Sox any day. Also, Shane Victorino plays for the Red Sox.

Nothing against the Tigers but I have to stick with the Bay Area team here.

A’s over Rays
Pirates over Braves

Still sticking with the Bay Area rooting interest here.

Thanks for getting rid of those horrible Dodgers, but you have to go now Braves.

World Series
A’s over Pirates

This is the only tough one for me. I want to see the Pirates do well but I have to stick with the local team. It makes me wonder what effect an A’s championship would have on the debate with MLB and the Giants about the A’s park location.

How it Will Really Happen

Dodgers over Braves
Cardinals over Pirates

The Dodgers are horrible people, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean they aren’t good at baseball. This team is too stacked, and on too much of a roll to be slowed down.

I don’t think the Pirates can adjust to the postseason after being losers for so long.

Rays over Red Sox
Tigers over A’s

This one seams like a toss up to me, but the Rays look good to me.

Another one I’m not certain on but even with Verlander not having his best year the Tigers are too good to lose the ALDS.

Tigers over Rays
Dodgers over Cardinals

The Rays won’t be able to hang with the Tigers.

The repugnant Dodgers will continue their awful roll right into the World Series.

World Series
Dodgers over Tigers

It will be awful and it will make me swear off baseball for at least a month. Brian Wilson and Yasiel Puig will be intolerable asses about the whole thing.


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