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There’s only about 1 day left for Kit Lab‘s campaign so help them finish strong. While you’re over at Kickstarter check out these other beer related campaigns:

Hop Theory: Beer Enhancing Sachets

At Hop Theory we proudly hand-craft a variety of blends of hops, fruit peels, and natural favors enabling you to customize your favorite brew. We source only the finest, premium ingredients from across the country. With Hop Theory, an average beer becomes craft.

Our patent pending beer infusion method lives in a category of its own. We begin with a soilon woven mesh filter (sachet) that is derived from corn starch and is 100% biodegradable.  We then pack these “sachet’s” with premium ingredients that are handmade, sourced, and manufactured within the U.S.  Each ingredient is prepared in a certain manner (dried and/or ground) to improve flavor and the rate of dispersion.  Finally, we individually wrap each sachet to preserve it’s contents.

  • Cascade Hops add a tangy bitterness often associated with IPA’s.  Hops are also used as a stability agent, interacting with the beer to create a nice frothy head.
  • Orange Peel adds a citrus flavor often associated with Belgian Witbier.
  • Coriander Seeds add sweetness and give off a lemon top note.


Hop Shop Brewing Company

Hop Shop Brewing Company will develop and operate a participatory, do-it-yourself brewery and taproom in Phoenix, Arizona which will engage homebrewers, artisan brewers and craft beer drinkers through a variety of hands-on services and experiences.

This is a completely new business innovation in which Hop Shop Brewing Company provides all of the tools and ingredients for beer enthusiasts to create their own one-of-a-kind brews in a clean, relaxing setting alongside like-minded brewers who can share recipe ideas and unusual or inventive techniques.

Each customer will be able to brew a 5 Gallon batch of beer to take home in bottles, and those brewing on the 1 BBL system will be able to offer their creations for sale in the taproom and will have the opportunity to earn credits towards their next batch through revenue generated from sales of their beer!


Thinking & Drinking: 300+ Cards, Questions, and Craft Beers

Thinking & Drinking is a celebration of conversation and craft brewing.

When you get together with friends for a beer we want you to pay attention to them – not your phone, texts or emails. For Thinking & Drinking we’ve written more than 300 questions designed to get you talking, laughing and enjoying yourself.

As an added Kickstarter feature, we’ve asked more than 300 craft brewers to showcase their favorite beers on a card. Thinking & Drinking includes breweries from all 50 states and D.C. and range of breweries from well-known names to some smaller, start-ups.


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