Etsy For Home Brewers

Did I mention that Chico, California is increasingly becoming a rich craft beer environment? The newest addition is Kit Lab:

Kit Lab is an online marketplace where brewers can upload their recipes to sell as made-to-order beer kits. When a kit sells, Kit Lab packs and ships the kits and splits the profits with the author.

Local web designer and CSU, Chico professor Ryan Sanders has created this innovative home brew marketplace and now he is looking to launch it with a Kickstarter campaign. Their Better Beer Kits are already available, but Kit Lab will add the ability for brewers to include their recipes for a share of the profits.

Authors will be paid $1/gallon for the entire life of their kits. Sell four 5-gallon kits this month? We owe you $20. Sell ten 10-gallon kits? You’ve got $100 coming your way – all for that one great recipe you uploaded once.

The Kickstarter campaign has some great rewards like t-shirts, growlers, a launch party at Chico’s “best beer bar,” 5 gallon ingredient kits, and featured seller status.

Better Beer Kits has 1, 5, and 10 gallon kits in extract and all-grain versions. Add Kit Lab for brewers who are creating their own recipes and there’s something for all levels of home brewing. I’m excited to see how the Kickstarter campaign goes, and see if Kit Lab can become the future of home brewing.

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