Pillow Madness

There are lots of review sites online. The ones I’ve come to trust for consumer electronics and household items are Wirecutter and Sweethome respectively. I like that they focus on the best product for every category instead of wasting everyone’s time with a giant spreadsheet of feature comparisons between every product out there. I don’t need to know what the eighth best mid-sized LED TV is. I want to buy the best one, or at least the best bargain, not the eighth best one.

All the reviews on both sites that I’ve read sound well thought out and researched. I’ve purchased a few items suggested by each site and haven’t been disappointed…except for their pillow recommendation. Granted, pillows are a fairly personal item, and I imagine taste in pillows varies widely. Sleeping style, firmness, materials, loft, cushiness, support, and price could all play into one’s pillow preference. Sweethome reommended the Premier Down-like Personal Choice Density Pillows in their bed pillow review. I purchased this pillow and used it for months before replacing it in frustration. After a few months the pillow had compacted and gone from bad to worse. This pillow wasn’t any better for me than any of the department store pillows I’d previously used. None of them provided enough support for me. Perhaps the Simmons pillow Sweethome mentioned would have been more towards my preference.


Thankfully I found the pillow I have been searching for in the BioSense 2-in-1 Classic Pillow for All Sleepers. This pillow provides the support I need. The memory foam keeps its shape throughout the night and hasn’t compacted at all after months of use. I almost never wake up with a headache or neck soreness with this pillow, unlike every other pillow I’ve ever used. The BioSense pillow may be too thick and firm for some people, and at $60 it’s on the pricier side, but it is ideal for me and its durability makes it worth the price.




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