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Last year I posted Baseball’s Kings of Twitter, ranking MLB players by their Twitter followers. It was interesting and all, and it got a shout out from Twitter follower leader Nick Swisher, but who really cares about any of those jokers? There were no San Francisco Giants on that list, so it was clearly a flawed list. Let us then focus on what matters: the San Francisco Giants. Here are the players currently on the Giants’ 40-man roster that I could find on Twitter, sorted by total followers:

Player Twitter Handle Followers
Hunter Pence @HunterPence 290873
Buster Posey @BusterPosey 249835
Sergio Romo @SergioRomo54 153402
Brandon Crawford @BCraw35 123154
Tim Lincecum @TimLincecum 121604
Brandon Belt @BBelt9 83683
Jeremy Affeldt @JeremyAffeldt 63725
Gregor Blanco @gregorblanco7 60101
George Kontos @G_Kontos 41078
Mike Morse @MCode38 31095
Juan Perez @juan_perez24 14012
Andrew Susac @andrewsusac 12900
Gary Brown @garybrown909 10787
Hunter Strickland @hstrickland60 10479
Ehire Adrianza @Ehire21 6295
Adam Duvall @aduvall123 6195
Mike Kickham @mikekickham4 5079
Hector Sanchez @Hect171189 4577
Chris Heston @Hesto23 3728
Chris Dominguez @c_dominguez10 2034
Erik Cordier @ErikCordier 1408
Matt Duffy @mm_duffy 1109
Yusmeiro Petit @YPetit52 201


No big surprises there. Hunter Pence comes out on top with Buster Posey close behind. I’m a little surprised Lincecum and Petit aren’t higher on the list.

I also created a Twitter list: SF Giants Players.

Now lets compare follower numbers to total career WAR (from fangraphs.com) to find out who’s Twitter popularity correlates with their actual baseball prowess. This list is sorted by Followers/WAR:

Player Career WAR Followers/WAR
George Kontos 0.4 102695
Hunter Strickland 0.2 52395
Gary Brown 0.3 35957
Sergio Romo 6.6 23243
Hector Sanchez 0.2 22885
Ehire Adrianza 0.3 20983
Brandon Crawford 7.1 17346
Andrew Susac 0.8 16125
Brandon Belt 7.1 11786
Juan Perez 1.2 11677
Buster Posey 23.5 10631
Hunter Pence 29.2 9961
Mike Morse 3.6 8638
Jeremy Affeldt 7.6 8385
Gregor Blanco 9.1 6605
Tim Lincecum 27.4 4438
Yusmeiro Petit 2.9 69

georgekontostwitterI left out the guys who divided by zero or were negative. Maybe those top few guys should focus a little more on baseball and a little less on Twitter. Let’s go ahead and start the rumor that Gary Brown’s development has been delayed because he spends all his time on Twitter. It’s not surprising at all to see Sergio Romo near the top. Relievers usually don’t build up much WAR no matter how good they are since they play so few innings, and Romo is a very popular and charismatic player. Then there’s Lincecum and Petit at the bottom of the list; confirming my suspicion they are underrated on Twitter.

Who did I miss? Which Giants players do you follow on twitter? Leave a comment here or hit me up on twitter: @grubulub.

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