10 Most Popular Grubulub Posts

Grubulub has been around for about three years. Here are the ten most popular posts to date:

10. Best of Chico: Beer Edition

When it comes to beer Chico, California is known for Sierra Nevada. We love Sierra Nevada but the people who live in Chico know there’s more going on around here. Chico is increasingly becoming a rich craft beer environment.

Hundreds of people voted, Sierra Nevada unsurprisingly won Best Brewery, and somehow I tied for third place with Ken Grossman for Chico’s Biggest Beer Geek.


9. 21st Amendment Brewery Fans Disapprove of Budweiser’s Latest Antics

Budweiser released yet another dumb ad poking at craft beer fans. Turns out craft beer fans are more clever than Budweiser.


8. SF Giants iPhone Wallpaper

This has to be the least amount of effort I’ve ever put into a blog post since I just stole the image (probably from these guys, but I don’t remember). I’m still using this as my phone background.

7. Sierra Nevada Beer Geek Tour

Have you been on Sierra Nevada’s Beer Geek Tour? You should go on Sierra Nevada’s Beer Geek Tour. This blog post does not do Sierra Nevada’s Beer Geek Tour justice. I should go on Sierra Nevada’s Beer Geek Tour again.

The Beer Geek Tour only costs $25 and at the end they give you a growler and an exclusive Beer Geek shirt.

6. Mexican Beer and Taco Pairing (Not That Kind of Mexican Beer)

The only guest post to make the top ten. Really, it’s surprising that most of the top ten isn’t Mitch’s posts.

5. Buster Posey Clones

In a secret lab deep below AT&T Park the Giants have recently begun a campaign that will change baseball forever. After the huge success of their young star catcher Buster Posey they realized the key to the future of the organization: MORE BUSTER POSEY!

A year later and Joe Panik is an All Star, and Susac could start for many teams that don’t have Buster Posey. The truth is out there.

4. Baseball’s Kings of Twitter

Thanks for the tweet Nick!


3. Beer Camp

This has to be the most work I’ve ever put into a blog post. I’m a lousy programmer, so something simple like a random beer generating script took me a while.

BTW, I re-purposed the script to automatically generate a random beer if you post #randomcraftbeer on twitter. Give it a try!

2. Breweries Sharing Home Brew Clone Recipes

This is probably the most useful post on Grubulub, even though I mostly copied the list from the Homebrewers Association.

1. Beer Style Groupings for Newbies

Presenting Grubulub’s most popular post ever! It’s actually kinda rambling nonsense, but check out that sweet ven diagram! Also, the Brewer’s Association referenced it:

I’ll add that one reason I’m highlighting pilsner as a potential all-star in the local craft lager category is that it marries these demand trends (sessionability + lagers) with a new one: America’s love for hops. A blog post I found recently really drives this home visually, showing that pilsners are a style that can both showcase hops and malt, while bringing it home in a sessionable format. Looking at the increasing numbers of hoppy pilsners entering the market, I think a lot of brewers have the same feeling. Now it’s time to see if beer lovers agree.

I took a stab at grouping some beer styles into the three flavor categories.

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